Friday, September 8, 2017

Step Up America. The Blog

About Step Up America: (and you.)
   Well we all know we can all do better - for ourselves, our families, our communities and our nation and the planet.  Where and how to start is the BIG question! Many would have us contact our legislators - those we elect - to get THEM to do what WE want done.  Good idea but terribly frustrating after years, decades for some of us, trying to get those we elect to properly represent us and our wants and needs - in Congress and in State governments. Go ahead. continue doing this but also consider the following ideas to Step Up.

   A great sage once said, 'To your own self, be true.'  Another said: 'To each his (or her) own.' Good advice. Do what you need to do to be happy. But do not get so preoccupied or self-absorbed that you can no longer relate to your family, friends, spouses, community.  Take time. BALANCE your life and your daily, weekly and ongoing activities. Try NOT to get hung up in one and only one pastime or habit - speaking of which, if you recognize any bad personal habits, Stepping Up might mean trying - continually - to end them and adopting more healthful habits. Like pursuing well-being. A better, more rewarding and healthful lifestyle, a better job, spending more time in REAL activities and the REAL world instead of 'online' or 'in the cloud' or in VIRTUAL reality. Need help? There are plenty of expert persons and nonprofit orgs and free resources to assist you in this endeavor.

   Think about spending LESS time on computer games, using and being in front of iPADs, iPhones, Android Anythings, PCs, TV, radio.  Learn who your family are again. Who your neighbors are. What their interests and needs and ideas might be.  What activities and interests you, and they might pursue. And go from there.  

   And think about how you might change your personal consumer habits. Get control of personal spending. Set some needed priorities. Live within your means. Enjoy life but be smart:  do not waste your hard-earned money and do not put your home and assets at risk pursuing immediate and often expensive pleasures. Give your patronage you know to your local proprietors and business people you know need  and deserve your buying stuff from them. This supports them - as they support you - and also supports your community and others.

   Finally, there are other ways to Step Up America and get what we all want and need:  a better life with better incomes, benefits and a secure retirement and good opportunities for all of us and our families. Congress and elected officials not responding? Join or create a labor union to seek fairness in the workplace. Or a consumer co-op to get what you want at your local stores. Get involved with some local nonprofits as a volunteer, board member or staff person to help achieve community goals.

   How hard is this?  Not hard. Get going!  Help your neighbor. Give yourself and your fellow Americans a chance. Set an example for others to follow. Have and share some (decent) humor. Chill. Think. Observe. Mediate even. Get better. Be better.    Step Up America.